BME AlterNativ BME AlterNativ Infrastructures Production Mode




BME AlterNativ are the information technology infrastructure outsourcing services offered by BME Innova, BME’s subsidiary dedicated to innovation.
They are offered in two modes: Infrastructures Production Mode and Infrastructures Contingency Mode.

The BME AlterNativ Infrastructures Production Mode entails hosting a business customer’s hardware, software and data in BME’s DPCs to enable the company to perform its day-to-day operations, safe in the knowledge that they are fully secure and permanently available.

The customer’s personnel will not notice any changes as they will work with the new infrastructures in the same way as before when they were located on the company’s premises.

In short, in this BME AlterNativ mode, the customer delegates hosting of services, systems software, applications, data and even user equipment (in the case of virtual user equipment) to Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME): a company with up-to-date technological know-how and a proven track record and experience in managing critical and confidential information.


The resultant AlterNativ Infrastructure of the contracting company is:

  • Hosted in the DPCs of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME): operator of all the securities markets and financial systems in Spain.
  • Tailored to the company’s specific needs and service level.
  • In particular, the company’s technological infrastructure at BME is the designed, rolled out and managed pursuant to the guidelines and policies established by the company.
  • Subject to the same standards of security, reliability and confidentiality as those BME adheres to when operating the stock market.
  • This enables the company to duplicate all its lines of communication, machines, applications and data.
  • The company can also connect to the securities markets and financial systems through the BME network using a secure direct connection offering high levels of availability and low latency.