BME AlterNativ BME AlterNativ Infrastructures Contingency Mode




BME AlterNativ are the information technology infrastructure outsourcing services offered by BME Innova, BME’s subsidiary dedicated to innovation.
They are offered in two modes: Infrastructures Production Mode and Infrastructures Contingency Mode.

BME AlterNativ Infrastructures Contingency Mode involves hosting at BME’s DPCs permanently updated (in real-time and 24/7) exact replicas of the servers, applications and data that a business customer identifies as critical.


In the event an incident stopping the customer from using the IT infrastructures on its own premises, it can continue to function using its BME AlterNativ Infrastructures with no interruption or loss of data or time.

Work stations on BME’s premises can also be leased through BME AlterNativ, which a business customer’s staff can use if an incident affects access to or the operability of its work centres.


In summary, any companies can use BME AlterNativ to avail of business continuity and contingency solutions, the standard of which in terms of quality and service level is higher than that required by law in the financial and stock market sector.


The BME AlterNativ Infrastructures Contingency Mode includes the following two solutions:

  • Immediate Response Service (SRI); and
  • Customised Continuity Service (CCS).