BME HighWay :: SWIFT ENGINE Financial Communication services for Financial Institutions: SWIFT Infrastructure outsourcing




BME Highway is the Financial Communication Platform offered by BME Innova, BME’s subsidiary dedicated to innovation.
It comprises two services: BME HighWay SWIFT ENGINE for financial institutions, and BME HighWay CORPORATES for businesses in any sector.

BME HighWay SWIFT ENGINE is the service BME Innova offers small and medium financial institutions to outsource their SWIFT infrastructure.

This services provides financial institutions will all the SWIFT Network’s functionality without them having to assume the high costs associated with having their own SWIFT infrastructure.


The high costs of having a SWIFT system in house are the result of:

  • Complexity of implementation
    Rolling out a SWIFT system in house involves engaging consultants to advise on its implementation and acquiring a considerable amount of hardware and software.
  • Need for specialist staff solely dedicated to the system
    Because of the technical complexity of the SWIFT network and its functional criticality to banks, they have to assign specialist staff solely dedicated to managing it.
  • Regular SWIFT audits
    Companies have to be regularly audited by SWIFT to be a member of the network. These audits provide assurance that infrastructures are properly configured and used, suffer no functional deterioration, and do not compromise the high levels of reliability and security of the entire SWIFT network.

As a result: it is only economically efficient to possess an in-house SWIFT system for the largest financial institutions that exchange large volumes of financial messages every day.


BME Innova’s BME HighWay SWIFT ENGINE is therefore ideal for smaller financial institutions, which do not generate sufficiently high volumes of messages, to benefit from the functionality of the SWIFT network. BME HighWay SWIFT ENGINE can be used by these entities to access BME’s SWIFT infrastructure.

  • Using a remote terminal, developed in house by BME.
  • Using secure file transfer techniques over BME’s Network.


BME’s SWIFT Infrastructure has been in operation since 1998 and is a crucial part of BME’s financial messaging service needed to correctly carry out its day-to-day operations as operator of all Spain’s securities markets and financial platforms.

One figure highlights this: BME manages 65 million messages a day through different communication infrastructures.

For additional information on BME’s technology, please click on the following link: innovations in BME’s proprietary technologies and technological infrastructures.




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