BME HighWay :: CORPORATES The platform for companies to communicate with their banks




BME Highway is the Financial Communication Platform offered by BME Innova, BME’s subsidiary dedicated to innovation.
It comprises two services: BME HighWay SWIFT ENGINE for financial institutions, and BME HighWay CORPORATES for businesses in any sector.

BME HighWay CORPORATES is the single-window financial communication platform between businesses and all the national and international financial institutions they work with.


BME HighWay CORPORATES is made possible because BME is a SWIFT Service Bureau and counts on the guarantees of reliability, security and confidentiality that BME can offer, passing on its experience as operator of all the financial platforms and securities markets in Spain.

Since the SWIFT Network was launched as an integral part of stock market operations in 1998, the level of experience of BME and its staff in the widespread use of SWIFT is evidenced by one fact: BME handles up to 65 million messages in a single day.


BME HighWay CORPORATES offers the following advantages to business customers:

  • Instrumental improvement in treasury processes

BME HighWay CORPORATES dramatically streamlines all treasury processes that do not generate value for a company in the form of information that is of use to it, and also take up treasury officers’ time.
These processes entail: access to and visualisation and aggregation of information on assets in all a company’s bank accounts.
All connections that are initially disassociated in different channels and have different file format and access procedures are streamlined in a single connection that centralises access to all the company’s bank accounts using standard file formats and access procedures.

  • Boosting of the efficiency of the Treasury Function and increase in the value it contributes to managing a company

All the time a treasury officer saves not having to carry out routine IT tasks can be employed in performing the activity for which he/she is trained and hired to carry out: treasury management.

This along with the speed and ease of use of BME Highway CORPORATE means that the cash available at any time can be used more efficiently and boost the quality of treasury reports submitted by treasury officers to management as a valuable source of management information.




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