BME ComplianceNet SICAM: BME’s Integrated Service Against Market Abuse




BME ComplianceNet is the suite of compliance tools for the financial sector offered by BME.
BME ComplianceNet comprises various tools: SICAM, Integrated Service Against Market Abuse; SIR, Integrated Financial Reporting Service; and RIC, the SICAM module for managing internal codes of conduct.
While they complement each other from a functional perspective, they all share the global features of the ComplianceNet Platform, such as a secure, integrated, modular and centralised architecture.

SICAM, the Integrated Service Against Market Abuse, is a tool that forms part of the ComplianceNet Platform and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements concerning the control of transactions suspected of involving market abuse.

In essence, SICAM collates all the information needed for the detection and analysis of market transactions without financial institutions’ compliance officers having to carry out this task; notifying them via automatic alerts of any information or situations that require their attention.

Some alerts will be configured to fulfil regulatory requirements; others will enable SICAM to be tailored to each entity’s particular needs or procedures.

All these alerts are configured by BME Innova when SICAM is rolled out. New alerts can be created and existing ones subsequently modified.

This ensures that:

  • SICAM is always updated in response to frequent regulatory developments.
  • SICAM ensures the quality of analysis and information is continuously enhanced. For example, an entity’s compliance officer can fine-tune existing alerts using its own parameterisation to include the best criteria that he/she has identified during his/her work.
    This helps reduce the number of alerts that are false positives, thereby cutting wasted time and boosting the efficiency of the compliance function.

In short, SICAM makes each entity’s compliance function more efficient because this task becomes an orderly procedure, which can also be optimised by incorporating accumulated experience, thereby ensuring the entity’s compliance function is continuously improved.

Click on the following link for a detailed description of SICAM, the Integrated Service Against Market Abuse.

SICAM’s functionality is also enriched and underpinned through meetings of the ComplianceNet Community: ComplianceNet Workshops for SICAM users, and ComplianceNet Forums open to anyone interested in controlling transactions suspected of involving market abuse.

These events benefit from the frequent and invaluable participation of CNMV specialists who provide an insight into the regulator’s criteria and points of view.


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