BME ComplianceNet Compliance service platform offered by BME Innova, BME’s subsidiary dedicated to innovation




BME ComplianceNet is the suite of compliance tools for financial institutions offered by Bolsas y Mercados Financieros (BME). These tools help them to comply with their various regulatory obligations established by financial sector regulators.

BME ComplianceNet has been designed by BME Innova, BME’s subsidiary dedicated to innovation, and therefore draws on all the compliance know-how BME has accumulated as operator of all the securities markets and financial platforms in Spain.

BME Innova created the ComplianceNet Services in 2009 when growing international consensus on the need for more stringent control of financial markets and closer supervision to avoid market abuse started to be reflected in Spanish and European laws and regulations.

By offering a complete and extendible solution, BME Innova responded ahead of time to a need stemming from the development and growth of financial regulations. The subsequent evolution of the ComplianceNet Platform in terms of both its maturity and reliability, and in service reach, has positioned BME Innova as leader in the provision of compliance support services for the financial sector.

In line with the growth in oversight of financial market operations, the ComplianceNet Platform currently offers the following services:

  • SIR: Servicio Integrado de Reporting Normativo
    This service helps companies fulfil their duty to submit financial reporting to the Spanish market supervisor, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on a monthly and annual basis, depending on the type of reporting and entity.
  • SICAM: Servicio Integrado Contra Abuso de Mercado
    This solution facilitates the control and supervision of market abuse, which firms receiving buy and sell orders in markets are required to perform as per prevailing legislation, irrespective of whether they post them directly or through an intermediary.
  • RIC: Servicio para la gestión asistida del Reglamento Interno de Conducta
    This application helps an entity manage and monitor the Internal Code of Conduct it has in place for identified staff, and create and maintain Insider Lists.
    RIC is offered as a module of SICAM.

Nonetheless, the ComplianceNet Platform is not just a suite of tools. The ComplianceNet Community has also been built around its services. The aim of this community is to share knowledge and experiences, and provide mutual support to achieve a compliance function that works. When all is said and done, ensuring Spanish securities markets are free of abuse and other types of illicit activity benefits everyone because it helps protect the good reputation the Spanish markets enjoy, investor confidence in them, and therefore, their standing and competitiveness alongside other securities markets.

The ComplianceNet Community holds regular events for customers and users: ComplianceNet Workshops, and others open to anyone who is interested: ComplianceNet Forums.

Both types of event benefit from the frequent and invaluable participation of CNMV specialists who provide an insight into the regulator’s criteria and points of view.



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