BME Innova Open Innovation in BME Innova, the subsidiary of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) responsible for innovation




BME Innova is the subsidiary of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) responsible for innovation. It is dedicated to developing new services that offer our customers value.

Since it's creation in 2008, BME Innova innovation processes have been built on three pilars:

  • Open Innovation.
  • International reach.
  • The application of an Innovation Procedure enabling the company to achieve the best result with the resources at its disposal.

Open Innovation

From the very beginning, BME Innova has believed in the Open Innovation paradigm. According to this proposal, the best innovation occurs when companies that are diverse but share something in common, combine their different approaches to tackle an innovation project together.

Many things can unite these companies: serving the same market, forming part of the same value chain, synergies between their working practices or technologies, to name but a few.
There is no doubt that combining the different approaches, corporate cultures, management styles, objectives and methods for evaluating results creates a degree of complexity, although this can be managed by following an innovation management procedure with the required level of flexibility to achieve common goals.

Our experience has highlighted that the ability to innovate often lies in the hands of small organisations and enterprises with high levels of talent and significant adaptability. Consequently, the services offered by BME Innova are the fruit of partnerships with Spanish firms of this ilk.

Any innovative service provided in today’s globalised world must be founded on the premise that the market and the competition have an international reach, and must draw on in-house or out-of-house capabilities to serve the international market.

Innovation strategies

Click on the following link for an introduction to BME Innova’s innovation strategies.

Criteria for evaluating innovation projects

Click on the following link for an introduction to the criteria used by BME Innova to evaluate and prioritise possible innovation projects or developments.




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