BME Innova About Bolsas y Mercados Innova (BME Innova)




BME Innova is the subsidiary responsible for innovation of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), operator of all the securities markets and financial systems in Spain.

Since it was incorporated in 2008, BME Innova:

BME Innova achieves all this by contributing its know-how based on its own experience of:

  • Detecting and evaluating opportunities;
  • Designing solutions;
  • Developing and implementing solutions;
  • Commercially launching and starting up services; and
  • Transferring services to a new service operating unit once they are mature.

 One of BME Innova’s key assets is its tried and tested proprietary Innovation Procedure:

BME Innova’s Innovation Strategies

Two key innovation strategies lie at the heart of BME Innova’s Innovation Procedure:

    • BME Innova brings together BME’s assets accumulated by its various subsidiaries and business areas: in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the financial sector; expertise in the technology that meets the sector’s needs; very high levels of cyber security; confidentiality guarantees; prestige; robustness; etc.
      In short, BME Innova’s aim is to provide Spanish businesses with access to the assets of BME that have helped it to build its reputation and proven technological capability, to drive up their competitiveness and profits.
    • In addition to this, BME Innova makes out-of-house knowledge and technology available to BME.
      This stems from the conviction that the most cutting edge technology and most beneficial approaches in a specific field of activity often lie in the hands of small enterprises.
      Therefore, BME Innova’s Innovation Procedure is Open Innovation oriented.

For additional information on this matter, please refer to the section of this website on BME Innova’s Innovation Approach.

Criteria for evaluating Innovation Projects

BME Innova also adopts three innovation appraisal criteria when identifying potential innovation projects:

Service strategy

BME Innova has always aligned its product and service focus with a natural and growing strategic trend among companies:

To plough all corporate resources into the core business, i.e. into what a company knows how to do well and is at the heart of what sets it apart and generates value, and duly outsource everything else (with full guarantees of service quality, reliability, security and confidentiality).

In this regard, the corporate strength, century-long track record, technological capability and degree of reliability and confidentiality Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) boasts are decisive because they position BME as an ideal provider of outsourced services for companies with demanding security, reliability and confidentiality requirements.


An inherent and ongoing feature of BME Innova’s activity is permanent contact with international public institutions, market operators and private companies in other countries, primarily in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Two important factors contribute to this effort:

    • Bolsas y Mercados Españoles’ standing in the international community as an operator that sets the bar in terms of its robustness and profitability, level of integration in the financial market value chain, and its technological prowess.
      For example, its reputation has enabled the BME Group to export its proprietary trading platform technology to more than 25 countries.
    • The experience and renown of BME Innova’s International Markets Consultancy unit (BME Consulting), whose strategic consultancy, technological consultancy and training projects always target international customers: governments, financial institutions, market operators and private firms.