BME Group About Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME)




Bolsas y Mercados Españoles BME Group is the operator of all stock markets and financial systems in Spain.

The BME Group has been listed since 14 July 2006, and from its inception has become a benchmark in the sector in terms of solvency, efficiency and profitability.

BME offers a wide range of products, services and trading systems based on an advanced and stable proprietary technology. The company also provides global market access systems to issuers, intermediaries and investors around the world, with customers in Europe, America and Africa.

One of the strengths of our company resides in its diversification, which is reflected in the company structure, organized into seven business units offering a wide range of top-notch services. These areas are: Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Clearing, Settlement, Market Data, and Consulting & New Technologies.

BME is the proud inheritor of a long tradition of financial culture, and is trusted by millions of investors who benefit from one of the highest pay-outs of the Spanish stock market: over 90%.

Our firm is a dynamic and modern company that invests in innovation and development and whose state-of-the-art technology has been exported to numerous countries.


Our mission is to be the go-to company for financial markets and systems in Spain, always striving to achieve service excellence and constantly innovate in our markets and services. We also aim to create value for society and our shareholders. BME is committed to playing a key role in the economies of Spanish and Latin American companies through the Latibex market.


The BME Group’s vision is to contribute decisively to the transparent, safe and efficient functioning of the markets to support the economic growth of our companies, creating value for our shareholders.


Solvency  ■  Impartyality  ■  Transparency ■  Innovation  ■  Cutting-edge ■  Shareholder protection


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